Happy Saturday!

I just got a high five from my coach Krista  4.5% of body fat are gone. Weight only changed by -.2 pounds and inches by -1 inch. I am very happy with the progress including they incredible energy level that I now have again. The sun is finally out again and I am on my way out to get some sun aka Vitamin D.

I did have a great workout this morning. I used my new gloves for lifting. LOL, not that I lift that heavy, but its fun to wear those! There where some gals on FB that where taking pics of their blisters that they had gotten from the workouts. That made me think that I might not do it right, or even skip an exercise? Turns out with the gloves and some added weight I could feel that on the deadlifts. Aint going for blisters, I got gloves now.

This morning I went to my favorite health food store to get some pantry items, otherwise I still have plenty of veggies in the fridge. I only have been to Whole Foods aka Whole Paychecks a few times. Whenever I have the chance I like to support local businesses and local farmers and they have awesome and knowledable people working there.


I went on the hunt to find some good chocolate that I can use for baking. And I know the Green & Blacks is known to be pretty good. A recent article  on the PN FB page makes me to look a little closer again at those labels. I need to remember to keep a “beginners mind” attitude. I felt I have it down-path, I totally know all of that, and am aware how those food manufacturers trick you. Like buying “fat-free” really means they add sugar and other garbage to make it taste like something. After I stopped WeightWatchers, I also stopped eating fat-free anything and  concentrating on whole foods. And with that my cholesterol dropped from 299 to 170. And has now remained that way for many years. I eat 2 complete eggs every single day. I have the luxury to get my eggs from a co-workers wife and a farmer that pasture raises w/o feeding soy to them. Granted I pay $5 for a dozen but they are so worth it. So back to that chocolate and the labels, I was comparing a bunch of them and to my dismay I discovered G&B are owned by Kraft and unless its not at least 85% Dark there is a whole bunch of crap in those chocolates. My goals really are limiting sugar and avoidance of soy. While getting some help in the store I discovered that there is very likely baking chocolate as high as 100% and then there are always cocoa nibs (in the bulk section). Now I just need to start experimenting and see how they will turn out. Though the treats are starting to pile up in the freezer and I really only need them during TTOTM (This Time Of The Month).

20130420-120136.jpg 20130420-120147.jpg 20130420-115531.jpg

I love having time to have some fun with food. This weekend I wanted to try utilizing the buckwheat crepes and filling it with something sweet. Ricotta came to mind. And it was quite tasty. I used ricotta, strawberries, coconut shavings, pecan bits, and some sweetener. Yumm! I even found out you can store the crepes for up to a week in the fridge and they dont stick together.

20130420-115600.jpg 20130420-115658.jpg 20130420-115722.jpg

Happy Saturday!

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