I am trying to get back into my weekly video updates mainly for my friends and family on my external blog, something I worked on last year to learn and practice a new skill. I got a little rusty.

I got a bunch of new dresses and are so ready for summer.  And I cant wait to start inline-skating and biking again. And since one of the bike paths is only 4 blocks from my house its just perfect.


I really need to stay off the sweet things for breakfast. Its just not working right. It may have been ok with some PNB. Another thing for my owners manual. But in the end it all balanced out.

20130421-184306.jpg 20130421-184314.jpg 20130421-184328.jpg 20130421-184350.jpg

B: Crepes with ricotta and strawberries, coffee with cream (pic1), Crepe with PNB and jelly (pic2)
L: Lettuce, onions, veggie bread, ham and cheese
D: Vanilla protein shake

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