Today was one of those days, where I could have eaten anything but the kitchen sink. And I did eat quite a bit. I did not plan well. It started out yesterday not having time for my weekly meal prep. Need to come up with a backup plan.

Today was my first workout of phase 4. I forgot to watch the videos at home prior, but glad for iPhone to be able to watch it on the fly this morning during my workout.

A couple of my team mates are doing the Burpee challenge for the next two weeks and I just joined them. Since I hate them, its just perfect!

Monday Meals:

20130422-174448.jpg 20130422-174455.jpg 20130422-174502.jpg 20130422-174509.jpg 20130422-174522.jpg  20130422-174516.jpg 20130422-201912.jpg

M1: Protein shake
M2: Avocado egg salad on Boston lettuce (pic2) and pineapple (pic3)
M3: swiss chard, turnips and steak
M4: Protein quark
M5: Pecan Larabar
M6: Sweet-potato, pnb, protein shake

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