What an incredible day. The sun finally made it out and stayed and it feels so wonderful. This has been a winter for far too long, and most of April was just raining. The trees are still in shock and aren’t even budding yet. I would have loved to be outside all day. At lunch time I had to get out a little and I walked over to the Public Market for a salad. The line was huge, since it was the best place to get healthy salads, juices and sandwiches.  This weekend it suppose to be beautiful too, so some yard work and maybe digging out my inline skates might be fun.

I think I did enough exercising/moving today: 10 miles bike, the burpee challenge (4 rounds), 60min walking at the treadmill desk.  It truly felt great. The bike ride on the way home was hard. The wind was so strong that it might even qualify for a great lower body strength workout.

Friday Meals:

20130426-202855.jpg 20130426-202904.jpg 20130426-202914.jpg 20130426-202922.jpg 20130426-202943.jpg 20130426-202934.jpg

M1: Veggie bread, eggs, Brussels sprouts
M2: Tropical juice, buffalo chicken side salad
M3: orange
M4: Protein ice cream
Bonus: Oh look what I got. Those two need to test out every box.

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