It sure was a beautiful day. But I did not have time to go inline skating, not even for a quick workout at the gym. I will need to catch up tomorrow. I would love to skate along the lake for a little early tomorrow morning.

I am not sure if anyone else has this problem, but Trader Joes always spells trouble for me. Coming back with quite a cart load of stuff and should last me for 2+ weeks. And it certainly isn’t helping that I am always on the lookout for new food items. So I guess my pantry is over-crowded now and I need to write an inventory sheet, since I cant remember all the stuff in there. Duh. My CSA share is starting shortly and it will be nice not to have to go shopping for groceries in a store for a couple of month.

I think I want to do my green smoothies again which will give me more greens and water per day. I got lots of veggies (pic1) and then the fun stuff (pic2) at Trader Joes.

20130427-191422.jpg 20130427-191446.jpg

Getting ready for grilling. My favorite burgers are so flavorful and moist adding an egg, onion, dried cranberries, either panco or quick oats, parsley, garlic powder, pepper, salt, and Worcestershire sauce to he ground chicken/turkey/beef.

20130427-191649.jpg 20130427-191754.jpg 20130427-191818.jpg 20130427-191829.jpg

Saturday Meals

20130427-191401.jpg 20130427-191501.jpg 20130427-191525.jpg 20130427-191549.jpg 20130427-191608.jpg

I overdid it a little with the homemade Frappuccinos. But then it could have been worse in comparison to the past.  All in all I am very happy with my progress and the adventure to learn all the tools needed to be successful long-term. And I know there will be lots more little pitfalls but such is life. I totally love that food can still be fun in the process and how much smarter we are getting with LE.

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