What a great workout this morning. I am a little behind and was doing workout 1. I started upping the weights to make sure I get to failure before rep 10 on the second set. Having a little trouble to remember to start with my left side, as it is the weaker side.

Today and this week (probably longer) I am working on my portion sizes aka a new 80%. This morning I had 2 slices of the protein bread ready and thought that will be way too much. Yeaaah! A step in the right direction. I also downsized my coffee (when I go to the coffee shop) from large to medium. My goal is small, like my size will be one day. 😉

I had my co-workers try the Protein-Filled Dark Chocolates and they liked them, but they did not love them. That means those will be just perfect then for me to make and have around. And they are even better when frozen. Its the good vs too good thing. The 85% chocolate is so perfect for melting. It will be runny, perfect for coating molds thinly and and it adds a nice flavor. I love it.

Today’s Meals

20130429-185437.jpg 20130429-185500.jpg 20130429-185531.jpg 20130429-185545.jpg 20130429-185628.jpg

M1: Salad, Protein Bread with avocado egg salad
M2: Protein-Filled Dark Chocolates
M3: Salad, protein bun and burger
M4: Lentils, carrots, rutabaga, and sausage
M5: Vanilla Sweet-potato Protein Shake


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