I was so incredibility hungry when I got up. But I cant eat before workouts, and I wasn’t going to skip my workout in order to eat something. So I pushed through it and even made it to work and had my normal breakfast. While I really like the egg salad on radicchio leaves, I did miss the bread a little. Some of my snacks where a direct effect of TTOTM, something I will need to work (pre-plan) on to make it a little bit healthier. But I should be back on track now. Today’s workout was a Power Intervals class and I felt great afterwards. I do like the fat burning feeling and the hunger does subside after a while.

Thursday Meals:

20130502-193149.jpg 20130502-193200.jpg 20130502-193209.jpg 20130502-193222.jpg 20130502-193245.jpg 20130502-193254.jpg 20130502-193304.jpg

M1: Tomato and mozzarella, avocado egg salad, chickpeas, on radicchio leaves, and a small latte
S1: Protein-Filled Dark Chocolates (100 kcal)
S2: Almond Butter (200 kcal)
M2: Salad with chicken strips
S3: Snickers Ice Cream Bar (180 kcal)
M4: Lentils with sausage
M5: Vanilla protein shake

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