Here are yesterdays meals. In my egg delivery I go a duck egg. Not sure yet what to do with it. I heard its best in baking.

20130504-150745.jpg 20130504-150800.jpg 20130504-150810.jpg 20130504-150823.jpg 20130504-150835.jpg 20130504-150854.jpg

I am just preparing some meats. One is BBQ pork in the slow cooker and the other one is Rouladen, something typical German.

rouladen1 rouladen2 rouladen3

Here is my emergency gym, in the case I dont go to either my regular gym or the gym at work. I really dont like to work out at home and never have. I am just too much of a people person. But since those are just some fun elements it should make it easier in a pinch, and then for the outdoor activities I can add my bike and inline skates.


LOL, yeah Snickers bars aren’t exactly part of the LE lifestyle. Somebody at work brought them in. While I am usually pretty good with those temptations, as we had treats at the office every single day this week, from cookies to doughnuts, the snickers ice cream bars were just too appealing to remedy stress. My goal is to not be tempted by those kind of things as they aren’t beneficial for my well being. I still forget my other choices on how to cope. I guess its a process and may not be fixed in  a couple of weeks, as I would love that, but I will get there! I just have to learn a new pattern. I love this talk and I really want to learn that handstand.

Saturday Meals

20130504-182958.jpg 20130504-183007.jpg 20130504-183015.jpg 20130504-183032.jpg

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