I was considering to do IF for detox purpose, as I have done in the past. Well I would do two-week water fasts twice a year. But wanted to check with coach Krista first, I sure dont want to take away from LE and wander off, I mean stray. So I told her my reasoning. And those coaches are just so smart! So no I wont be doing IF, and concentrate on removing a meal or making my portions smaller. Just eating to 80%, which I haven’t mastered yet. And no I wont be starving.

Ok, just for fun lets say I want to lose 70 more pounds. They say one pound of fat is about 3500 kcal makes about 245,000 kcal for those 70 pounds of fat. Lets assume the average meal is 400 kcal. So guess what, I carry about 600 spare meals around with me. I wont be starving any time soon! I have a big vending machine build-in!

I think it was the sugar/grains that had a close grip on me. It was impossible to get away from. It weakened my body and made me very susceptible to all kinds of junk, from cookies (and I don’t even like cookies), to chocolate, to ice cream. I just couldn’t say no. I was worried that I had to go to Overeaters Anonymous to get it under control. LOL Glad I don’t. Because now without sugar, white flour, and grains, I can make more rational decisions. I have and use the power to say no to crappy, non-nutritious foods. And you know what, it feels so awesome!

Also a big breakthrough came in the lesson about “Hunger is not an emergency”. Well it kind a turned everything I had done in the past upside-down. The eat every x hours so you don’t get hungry stuck with me for such a long time that it threw me for a loop, but it sure made sense and knowing JB is a smart cookie and will only hire smart folks to work for him I had to give it a try. I could get crabby when hungry and thought good luck to me figuring that out. But things were going in the right direction. Now when I am hungry I just think, YES baby burn that fat! After all that was just a shift in my mindset, but it makes a world of a difference.

This morning I decided I will ride my bike to work and then go over to my gym to do my workout. When I took my bike out I thought I was a little chilly in short bike pants and w/o full gloves. Well I found out later that it was 35 degrees and that was COLD. Well I hope I burned some extra calories. And as they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger!

I really wanted to write about Tim Ferriss and his books a little but I can keep that for another time.

Monday Meals

20130513-184726.jpg 20130513-184734.jpg 20130513-184742.jpg 20130513-184750.jpg 20130513-184800.jpg

M1: PNB protein shake
M2: Avocado egg salad on protein broccoli bread, 1 slice of prosciutto, tomato
M3: Protein bun, tuna burger, red cabbage
M4: Trail mix (lack of sleep decision)
M5: Protein Shake

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