Today after church we had a conference call with a couple of LE gals. We were testing out Google hangout, though free for up to 10 video callers it seemed to drop anybody with an iPad at random. Go figure. But I love all the ways we can connect with each other, or mentors, and certainly coach Krista. And actually I did it all this week. Sent an emergency email to Krista, and was on 2 video calls with a mentor and some LE gals. Fun, fun, fun!

Starting tomorrow I have to work on improving my coffee with milk habit. I just love lattes. Lets see how that will turn out.

Did some catch-up on the lessons and was doing my Sunday ritual. I think I really love the chickpea pizza crust, and the verdict on the spinach pancakes is still out, but it doesn’t look so good. A new batch of sunflower sprouts is ready.

20130519-183403.jpg 20130519-183419.jpg 20130519-183431.jpg 20130519-183447.jpg 20130519-183502.jpg 20130519-183519.jpg

Sunday meals

20130519-183243.jpg 20130519-183324.jpg 20130519-183304.jpg 20130519-183346.jpg

M1: Omelet with sausage, rhubarb-strawberry compote with Greek yogurt
M2: Coffee with milk, blended
M3: Chickpea pizza with tomato and mozzarella
M4: Protein shake

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