I love my Jawbone tracker. It just makes me more aware of how well I sleep and how much I move. This morning was my favorite CardioBounce interval class which alone adds about 7,000 steps on the trampoline. At lunchtime I decided to get another walk in as there are other days where I walk a lot less. Today was a good day with over 14, 000 steps. Hooray! Though since I need to burn of those darn M&M’s there may not have been a big deficit.

20130521-190115.jpg 20130521-185649.jpg

Tomorrow we have a spaghetti lunch gathering. And at first I hated the thought of messing up my meals, but on second thought I utilized my spiralizer to make zucchini noodles, sauteed in butter with pepper and salt. Now I hope nobody else eats those because they are really yummy.


Well as earlier noted I had a chocolate incident, which really was stupid. Clean slate! So tomorrow its back to the drawing board to see what I can do better and still enjoy my coffee. And no I dont have to go off the deep end  and quit coffee altogether.  And maybe experimenting with some teas would be interesting too. I loved black tea when I traveled to England and Ireland a long time ago.

Today’s meals.

20130521-185320.jpg 20130521-185331.jpg 20130521-185433.jpg 20130521-185444.jpg 20130521-185454.jpg

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