The zucchini spaghetti were a hit and everyone liked those. And a couple of my co-workers are getting the spiralizer via Amazon. Its always good to add some fun to other people’s lives, but now there are no leftovers for tomorrow.
My trainer decided to do a workout in the boys room today. My trainer laughs when I say that, but I haven’t seen any girls to work out up there. I did front squats for the first time right as my trainer gave me some cues. Not the most comfortable thing to do for sure.

Ok, I was determined to find a great replacement for my morning coffee. So I had all three of the Baristas from my favorite coffee shop busy thinking about making my usual latte just a little better. So they came up with an Americano with a splash of steamed milk. I have to say I like it very much and did not need a coffee in the afternoon! Looks like a keeper.

I can see a new cheesecake experiment in my next future. But I am just not sure which one of those will make the cut. The marzipan one sounds really tempting.

cheese1  cheese3

I did get some great sleep last night. Almost 8 hours! I sure needed it.


Today’s meals:

20130522-201137.jpg 20130522-201146.jpg 20130522-201157.jpg 20130522-201212.jpg

M1: Roasted veggies, 2 eggs, roll and Americano
M2: (zucchini) Spaghetti Lunch
M3: Rhubarb-strawberry compote with Greek yogurt
M4: Cherry-vanilla Protein Shake

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