Gosh that Epsom salt bath kept me awake last night. I thought it was suppose to relax. Oh well, lost an hour of sleep.

I did a mini triathlon today, well not exactly but I biked 10 miles, walked about 1 mile and swam for at least 45 minutes. I love swimming so much that I have a hard time getting out of the water, but work was calling. But today I had the pool all to myself. My locker mates at the gym had a good laugh today. I had this swimming suit with a skirt attached and since it was a pretty big size to begin with it now looks way to big, outright hideous.

I was focusing on eating slower and a little less. That is certainly a wip as I was so hungry all day.

20130604-214121.jpg 20130604-214131.jpg 20130604-214144.jpg 20130604-214157.jpg 20130604-214206.jpg

M1: Protein Shake
M2: Quiche, 2 slices of bacon and grapes (10:23min)
M3: Radicchio, apple, burger and sweet potato bun (11:06min)
M4: Veggies with hummus
M5: Protein shake


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