Today’s trainer workout with the TRX bands was so hard or I was just a little wimpy today.

Once a year our company will pay for a comprehensive physical which included a stress test, EKG, Strength and flexibility, lung volume, bone density, and an array of blood tests. I love it because its free for me! Today I got the results and yeah! Things are getting even better.

Blood pressure from 128/86 to 114/76
Cholesterol from 179 to 162
Body-fat is down to 40.9%

The funniest thing is that I now eat 2 eggs every single day and have so for the last 3 or 4 years! I still remember when this stupid doctor told me in 2005 to loose weight because my cholesterol was elevated at around 199. So I went on WW with their then low fat philosophy and lost 65 pounds in 2006, but my cholesterol sky-rocketed and went up to 299. The doctor was happy with my weight loss, but now wanted to put me on some statins to get the cholesterol under control. I promised her to get it under control w/o any drugs and tried lots of different things. That went on for 2 more years, while I gained all of the weight back. I experimented with Niacin, but the cholesterol stayed in the low 200’s. Then I decided I will only eat real foods, stop going to drug pushers, and find a permanent weight loss solution somehow. My cholesterol regulated itself on real wholesome foods within 2 years and thanks to LE my 100 pound ongoing weight struggle will be history. I now have the confidence that in time I can reach my ideal weight and still have fun cooking. I now have the tools. And we all now when you are fat you just plain eat too much and move too little.

Yesterday I talked to a co-worker and she was thinking to treat everyone and bring a healthy snack. Since I am now very suspicious what people think is healthy I asked her and she said she was thinking of chocolate covered pretzels. Ehhhhhhh???? Falls in the same category as ketchup being a serving of veggies. Made me think what food manufacturers do to food un-educated folks. I asked her why she thought this is healthy and she said its low fat. Ha there was my flash-back to that drug pushing doctor again. The concept of food having a real nutritional value, as in vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc probably did not cross her mind. How about fruit kebobs with some dark chocolate drizzled over them, or little fruit parfaits. Maybe I should start experimenting. I would have lots of guinea pigs at work.

The farmers market opened today and it was very disappointing. There was not one farmer that had some salad or any kind of veggies. This weather sucks! Its way too cold and too wet for things to grow.
I just realized that I cut my protein shakes in half which could be responsible for the slight weakness in my workout this morning.

20130605-190408.jpg 20130605-190418.jpg 20130605-190605.jpg 20130605-190625.jpg 20130605-190638.jpg

M1: Quiche, 2 slices of bacon and grapes, and an Americano
M2: Cheese and sausage sampler
M3: Apple, burger and sweet potato bun
M4: Sweet potato protein cake with raspberries
M5: Protein shake

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