It kind a feels weird. I just had a realtor here and she is optimistic that the market is picking up and that we have a good chance that my house will sell. But I may or may not lose some money as we want to price it right. There is currently almost no inventory on rental units and the 4 properties that came on the market this year sold within 10 days. Makes me kinda freak out a little, as it may mean I will need to move out faster that I anticipated and absorb some of the cost. But I would get my freedom back. Hey I can go and have fun again.

I just went for a swim this morning, just trying to take it easy since the Plantar fasciitis seems to flare up so quickly right now.

Food-wise I seem to struggle a little with the stress related to the possible sale of the house. And would love to eat more.

20130606-204828.jpg 20130606-204839.jpg 20130606-204849.jpg 20130606-204859.jpg 20130606-204920.jpg


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