When I woke up I checked my Jawbone and realized that I had only gotten 5 hours and 40 minutes of sleep. Its a struggle to get 7 hours in. Since I was still trying to recover from the Plantar faciiates my Tuesday and Thursday HIIT classes are a little too intense right now. So I decided to sleep in for a little longer and then just go with the bike to work. And yes I made my 7 hours that way.


At lunchtime I also went for a 30 minute core workout class. Goodness I did not know that I could sweat that much just doing a bunch of core work.

My ride home was tough I felt like I ran out of energy after mile 3 and struggled to get home. But seriously a 10 mile bike ride is really nothing and I have no clue what happened. I also was crabby hungry this afternoon around 3pm and had a hard time finding somethingĀ  suitable. I settled on Kashi crunch, milk and banana. Tonight I upped my shake since I have my trainer workout tomorrow morning and I dont want to run out of steam tomorrow.

This is pretty darn cool. I though about learning kite-boarding a couple of years ago. I think I need to check into this a little more. It might be tons of fun.

Today’s meals:

20130611-190129.jpg 20130611-190141.jpg 20130611-190205.jpg 20130611-190213.jpg 20130611-190224.jpg

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