Favorite kitchen item

I started experimenting to make crepes and bough this rather inexpensive pan for $8, knowing that if I like making the crepes I will have to look for a better one down the road. A cheap non-stick is just that, cheap and low quality. And except for eggs I either use my Le Creuset cast-iron or stainless steel pots and pans. I stumbled over the Lodge Logic cast iron griddle for $15, which is perfect to make crepes, pancakes, or my other favorite chickpea pizza. They key is to season it and keep it that way. I use coconut oil to season as it has a very high smoke point.

20130413-143200.jpg 20130615-142011.jpg

The griddle found at Target for $8 vs the Lodge Logic cast-iron griddle for only additional $7, which will last a lifetime.

20130615-142033.jpg 20130615-142024.jpg

Those buckwheat crepes are just great over and over again. They are a great little gluten-free wrappers for sweet and savory fillings. Here I used some quark (Greek yogurt, cottage cheese), with frozen cherries, pecans and acai berries. To boost the protein just add some whey or casein protein to the quark or yogurt.

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