I went back today for my intervals to my CardioBounce class. I am not back to 100% yet but at least my foot (PF) did not hurt much. I started icing during the day to get rid of the remaining inflamation.

Before the meetup I went quick to the  health food store to pick up some emergency treats. I bought and then mixed up raw walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and coconut shavings. The Milwaukee lakefront sure is pretty. I just have to enjoy it more often.

20130618-214152.jpg 20130618-214130.jpg

Somebody on FB triggered me to get this book back out, called Hungry Planet and it shows families around the world and what they eat. This truly is a very cool book.

20130618-214202.jpg 20130618-214214.jpg

It shows what 30 families in 24 countries eat in an average week. Above is one weeks worth of food for the family in Cairo, below is Ecuador and the USA.

20130618-214224.jpg 20130618-214234.jpg

My meals for today

20130618-214032.jpg 20130618-214100.jpg 20130618-214046.jpg 20130618-214108.jpg

M1: Egg casserole, radishes and banana
M2: Green beans and coconut crusted chicken tenders
M3: Cucumber, sweet potato bun and burger
M4: Protein Shake

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