My trainer texted me this morning and had to cancel. So I decided to bike-2-work again. I enjoyed the incredible weather. And I was able to make those easy peasy pancakes. Meg from our group had posted on FB that her daughter made her those incredible pancakes and I just had to try them. 2 eggs and a overripe banana. Delish! The only problem was, that it wasn’t fun riding my bike on a “full” stomach. Sometimes I just goof.  So I get to work and had my planned breakfast with me and I gave it away to my co-worker who loved it!

Exercise: bike-2-work
Sleep: Missed my target by 45 minutes
Eating: Way to much

But I finally called and scheduled a lesson for kite boarding. Yippee! Well this sport is very wind depended aka unpredictable when my first lesson will be. We need at least 15mph winds even with the training kite. Looks like 3 hours on land, 3 hours in water with instructor and then I might be ready to go. Fun! Fun! Fun!

So I mixed up the nuts and dried cranberries last night and took 1/2 of it to work today to have in my drawer for emergencies. Guess what? It was so fresh and yummy that I ate almost the whole bag and the basket of fresh strawberries. The nuts are definitely on the “too good” list and will not return. Mind you those were all whole foods. lol To balance that out I just had a salad w/o fixings for dinner.

20130619-202825.jpg 20130619-202843.jpg 20130619-202857.jpg 20130619-202906.jpg 20130619-202914.jpg 20130619-202923.jpg

M1: Pancakes, frozen berries and Greek yogurt
M2: Sweet potato bun and burger with carrots and pear
M3: Green beans and sausage
M4: Homemade trail mix *
M5: Local strawberries
M6: Salad greens, 1 tomato, onion, salad dressing

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