I am totally exhausted and my feet are hurting. I made it to almost 17,000 steps by my morning boot camp, walking to the farmers market and cutting the lawn. Just watching the documentary called “Fresh”. Fits well with out Whole Food habit. Love Michael Pollen.


Today’s meals

20130622-191201.jpg 20130622-191218.jpg 20130622-191228.jpg 20130622-191241.jpg

M1: 2 eggs and 1 banana pancakes with berries, nuts and Greek yogurt
M2: small frappuchino (no pic)
M3: zucchini spaghetti with tomato and edamame, salad greens with one apricot
M4: Buckwheat crepe with Greek yogurt, protein powder, and pnb, and coconut shavings
M5: Protein Ice Cream

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