So I am skipping my morning workout to take the time and write out the things that have changed over the last 6 month. Just kidding.

Here is what I noticed so far:

* trying lots new recipes that are better for me
* realized that I still can cook and have fun
* way more active and move quite a bit more every day
* working on Rest and Recovery, including sleep which is a big D-D
* dont feel deprived or miserable
* dont obsess about certain foods
* packing back the fun into my life
* lost 30 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes

That means I am shrinking in size but expanding my mind. Thank you LE! I am looking forward to another 6 month of incredible changes.

Just quick I just got my latest order from iHerb today.

I tried the SunWarrior Chocolate protein tonight. And I totally love it. Now it seems the Gold Standard protein powders have a load of crap in it, even thickeners. Though they still were better than this Trutein, which I thought was really bad. So bad that I had to dispose it after only 3 servings.

Another thing that isn’t working is my seedy breakfast.

Though it only has nuts and seeds in it, it seems to have the same negative effect that oats have in my body. So mushy breakfast aren’t for me. Bummer! I will be back to eggs and asparagus tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “06/25/2013

  1. What about quinoa or amaranth for breakfast? Great job on the weight loss!

    P.s. I have sun warriors vanilla rice protein :). I mix it with pea protein.

    1. I will give those two a try, but I have the sneaky suspicion that most grains dont work so well. But quinoa is actually not a grain.

      I just got the SunWarrior rice protein and really like it. Do you have the SunWarrior Pea Protein too?

      1. I cannot remember the brand of pea protein, but it is plain. I honestly don’t care for it which is why I mixed it with the rice. It is really thick and the rice helps balance it. I also find that the sun warrior brand is easy to digest and isn’t sweet.

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