Bye-bye bread

So freaking cool, I reached the 220s. I mean 229 pounds, which makes it a weight loss of 32 pounds so far. I am not sure when I saw the 220s last, but I think it was a very long time ago. TTOTM is coming up, so it may stall the progress for a little.

I got a new cookbook and are exited to make some recipes from it. Like scotch eggs, moroccan meatballs, and “The Best chicken you will ever eat” to just name a few. Looks like a fantastic book. I realize that if I keep my meals interesting I am less likely to stray away from clean nutrition. I haven’t craved ice cream in forever, since I have my protein shake that often turns out to be ice cream does the trick. If I really need something sweet, I check the ProteinPow website and make a yummy protein bar. I think I tend to crumble when I dont plan or need to eat a meal for the 4th day in the row.

20130630-063007.jpg  20130630-063739.jpg

Last night I decided to dispose of anything grain, since those are very clearly not a great nutritional choice for me. Nor do I really want to eat them. With that goes my bread maker and my rice maker. I am quite sad about the bread maker, but then I just have to recall the feeling when I eat bread. Those two items will join my 30 things to let go of for the month of June.


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