This week I am on-call at work again. So I need to wait to do some real fun stuff until next week.

Since we dont have any workouts scheduled and are suppose to have fun, I actually took the liberty to sleep in to get my 7 hours of sleep in and then I went to work with my bike.  Tomorrow is my trainer workout and on Thursday I would love to finally go inline skating along the lakefront and maybe catch another workout at the gym. This evening on my way back home I enjoyed the wild flowers along the way. What I love about LE, it does so much more then teach us to nourish our bodies, it does a whole lot of good for our minds too. The appreciation for the little things and looking for some fun. All too often we get caught up in our work or have to rush from one thing to another which doesn’t leave much space for joy. The weather is awesome this year! I have not used my air conditioner once. Milwaukee is very humid during the summer, so upper 80s means misery being outside.

20130702-195622.jpg 20130702-195638.jpg

20130702-195714.jpg 20130702-195706.jpg

Today’s meals:

20130702-195533.jpg 20130702-195544.jpg 20130702-195556.jpg 20130702-195612.jpg 20130702-200324.jpg

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