Just a quick update. We kinda have been on break the last week. I enjoyed not having scheduled exercises and taking a break as my habit, but have done something every day. Biked on Monday and Tuesday, trainer workout Wednesday, walked on Thursday, took Friday off and had boot camp today where I finally rolled down the hill. Gosh I got really dizzy. I dont remember that from when I was a kid. And I am getting better in running a little. But for sure it wont be a hobby of mine any time soon. As for the habit I made sure I got enough sleep in and I did chill a little.

Food was ok. I did not see the need to take a pig-out day. Since I still eat modified versions of foods I love. I am making some quark in the yogurt maker  and some jicamas in the slow cooker overnight.

Friday Foods:

20130706-205112.jpg 20130706-205119.jpg 20130706-205128.jpg 20130706-205133.jpg

M1: 2 egg-apple muffins with sausage and 1/2 apple
M2: Kale Salad with chicken sausage
M3: Coconut Protein Bar
M4: Protein Ice Cream

Saturday Foods:

20130706-205142.jpg 20130706-205157.jpg 20130706-205150.jpg 20130706-205204.jpg 20130706-205211.jpg

M1: French roll with roast beef, goat cheese and fresh apricots
M2: Iced coffee with protein powder
M3: Kale Salad with chicken sausage
M4: Egg-banana-protein pancakes with Greek yogurt and blueberries
M5: Protein Shake with topping

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