I had to do some speed cooing this morning since I had plans in the afternoon. In addition I am still on call at work, so I had to check our production systems in the early morning hours.

It was pretty hot outside so I fired up the grill to make the the chicken breasts and beef tenderloin steaks. I tried a Jicama potato salad from the Well Fed cookbook. Which required to boil the jicamas in the slow cooker for 12 to 24 hours. I think it will be very tasty. Lots of colorful veggies (breakfast) and zucchini spaghetti (lunch).

20130707-195510.jpg 20130707-195456.jpg

20130707-195437.jpg 20130707-195521.jpg 20130707-195423.jpg

I took two little boys that are visiting one of my tenants to an activity event  at our church this afternoon.  They went fishing, rock climbing and doing some archery for the very first time. It was fun for them and great to watch.

20130707-195706.jpg 20130707-195721.jpg 20130707-195750.jpg

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