I was off today and had the chance to sleep in a little. Which made me miss my cardio workout. Oh well I will bike to work tomorrow and then do my weights to catch up. The weather was fantastic. I think this is the best summer here in Milwaukee. I haven’t had my air conditioner running once. All my windows are open and its 69 degrees.

Today’s Foods:

20130711-205543.jpg 20130711-205554.jpg 20130711-205600.jpg 20130711-205613.jpg

M1: Tomato, mozzarella, ham and eggsM2: Banana dipped in dark chocolate, well I had the whole box aka 600 kcal
M3: Salad with beef tenderloin
M4: Protein Coffee

I had to get my car in for some maintenance and did not plan to well. So the banana thingies were the result of exploring a new grocery store hungry. Oh well live and learn.

3 thoughts on “07/11/2013

  1. Hello! I’m a fellow LE, and decided to leave a comment to let you know that I’m reading and cheering you on. Have a great weekend!

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