Ok the photographer is confirmed, date plus minus 2 days. And I am super duper thrilled that I got Woodnote Photography.

I biked to work and back and did my weights in the company gym this morning to save a little bit of time. I did not realize that the dumbbells greater than 20 pounds really sucked. They were pretty big and clumsy. Gosh I am so spoiled.

I think for the next 4 weeks I will go with only 3 meals a day and burn off some fat. I want to be able to make it over all the obstacles at the Warrior Dash. But maybe the biggest reason is, the week after I will be at Idea World in LA helping a friend promote his program. While I am fit, I just dont want to be soooooo big. But regardless we will have a blast! I am so excited to see all the new cool stuff that is coming out in the fitness world.

Today’s meals:

20130712-194115.jpg 20130712-194127.jpg 20130712-194134.jpg 20130712-194608.jpg

I did have some dark chocolate as I wanted to test out my fall (today’s lesson) aka temptation. I had two rows of Milka while I would usually have less of the Lindt. That Milka is just too yummy. It helped focusing on my goal to not have the whole thing. Yes it is that good, maybe even too good.

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