Sunday Ritual

For the last week I struggled with a 4 pound weigh gain for no known reason, except that it was really hot here. But I think I brought it on myself stepping on the darn scale daily. Not a good thing! In combination to having to find a new tenant it did set me up for an emotional roller coaster ride. The good thing was that it did not affect my eating. And thank god for awesome coaches and mentors.

I prepared some great foods for the week. I even made my own mayo and tried some new dark chocolate peanut butter protein bars. Yum!

I made Dijon-roasted red cabbage and broccoli salad.

20130721-181417.jpg 20130721-181423.jpg

I tested out a  Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

20130721-181430.jpg 20130721-181440.jpg 20130721-181448.jpg

And I made some mayo. Wow its so easy and I know whats in it. Just lemon juice, 1 egg, salt, dry mustard and olive oil. It emulsified at the end of the third minute. I almost considered it a fail. But in the end it was beautiful. Now I dont have to buy anything with soy in it. So cool!

For our new habit I also cooked up some sweet potatoes and froze them in chunks, it makes for better portions.

 20130721-181509.jpg 20130721-181525.jpg 

Have a happy new week everyone.

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