We are practicing selfies and posting them on our FB team page and for sure it is a big DD for me too.

 20130722-205010.jpg 20130722-202808.jpg

Today’s food intake was way way too much. Hmmmm, I think I was carb-cycling. lol, just kidding. I just plain ate too much. I need the accountability of posting my pictures again.

Those PNB protein bars are flipping awesome. My co-workers thought it was my very best protein bar yet, ranking it #1. The bars went into the freezer for emergencies, sure not a everyday food. But sooooo yummy.

I realized that I haven’t lost any weight for the last 4 weeks. Its a little upsetting, but I knew that this would happen eventually. And with a food day like today it might even go in the wrong direction. Coach Krista suggested to hide the scale during the week.

20130722-202654.jpg 20130722-202701.jpg 20130722-202707.jpg 20130722-202720.jpg 20130722-202726.jpg 20130722-202733.jpg

Though I only had half of my lunch (pic 3), it would be a pretty lame excuse. #2 and #5 were more that I wanted to try the bars and the lavash. For sure I wasn’t hungry. The bars just went into the fridge and the lavash aka millet and flax tortillas went into the garbage.

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