Ok, espndude21 got me thinking about the chickpea bread. And look what I found:

chickpea flat bread

Authentic Italian Chickpea Flat Bread

I am dying to make that bread over the weekend. It will make some nice sandwiches and all it really is is chickpea flour, water, spices , and some olive oil. The look reminds me of polenta, except I dont really like the taste of corn anything. Fresh corn is ok once in a while.

I was considering to experiment with IF. In the past I have gone on many 2-week detox fasts and felt incredible during the fast, but getting back to eating was always a disaster. Things would go wrong, really wrong, eating lots of food, and some of them of no nutritional value whatsoever. So considering that I am not quite as nutritionally advanced as I would like, I think I will defer it to a later point. Though it is intriguing. For right now I can play the hunger games a little better and tune into my body’s true needs.

Food-wise was a much better day. But I still got my hands on one of those yummy PNB protein bars.

20130723-182936.jpg 20130723-182953.jpg 20130723-182944.jpg 20130723-183004.jpg

M1: 2 eggs, radishes, and baby potatoes with perl onions
M2: PNB protein bar with fresh plum
M3: Broccoli salad
M4: Protein shake

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