I really liked plant-based day aka vegan. It is different in fullness, and I definitely had to eat more than 3 meals. I think I can do a once-a-month vegan day. Or just adding more vegan and vegetarian meals to my normal routine sounds like a great alternative.

Akki Rotti with mung beans

20130727-125556.jpg 20130727-190112.jpg

Spring Rolls

20130727-190131.jpg 20130727-190210.jpg

20130727-190222.jpg 20130727-190233.jpg

Vegan Protein Ice Cream

20130727-190138.jpg 20130727-190147.jpg

Well I finally saw #227. This month was harder, I only lost 3 pounds. But oh well, that’s just weight. My inner transformation is quite amazing to myself. This morning I went grocery shopping and before LE I would always make sure I would buy at least a treat or two. Now I dont even think about it. No more ice cream or chocolates in my shopping cart. And I now think about how a certain food makes me feel before I buy it. But I now also have one of the greatest weapons, I can make almost any dish healthier and better for myself.

This I posted on our team board in a thread about self-doubt: I go by “No risk, no fun”. Silly, I know. But I created it just before I left Germany and came to the USA all by myself, not knowing anybody or much about this country. All I had was a new job, a one-way air ticket to Milwaukee, 2 weeks paid hotel and car. I sold all my stuff and left all my friends and family behind in Germany. I came with only 2 suitcases. I took me 4 month to learn to speak the language so people could understand me well in a work environment since I was an IT consultant and had to work with clients side-by-side. Guess what? Best decision ever! I now believe I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to.

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