Self-Experimentation Day – eat only plant based foods

Living vegan style today.

I had to leave the house without breakfast and had to run a whole bunch of errands. I started to get crabby and decided a soy latte from Starbucks might get me over the hump, and it did. It did not even tasted bad. I am trying to get over my anti-soy thing. I am not going to die if I eat or drink something soy once a month, or?

I finally had breakfast at around 11am. I had an akki rotti, means rice-pancake in the native language for Kannada, India. I added some sprouted mung beans. And the final result was delish.I got the recipe from Allrecipes.

20130727-125556.jpg 20130727-125716.jpg

Oh, I saw this at Target. In a pinch this could work too with some added veggies. Bot are vegan versions.


Got lots of veggies and some fruit.



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