I love traveling the world, it just expands the mind and its a one of a kind awesome experience. I lived in Germany, France, and the USA. I went to Russia for 12 week as part of a Student program and traveled to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Check Republic, Poland, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and Nicaragua. I think I want to go and see and experience many more countries and cultures.

Here is what I posted this morning in our workout thread: “Ok, here is my confession. I hated dead lifts. Since I didn’t wanted to go up to the open floor area where all the guys are, I would usually just do it with some heavy dumbbells in the girls gym area. So today I decided enough of those excuses and get the real dead lifts done. So the bar was already setup for me, kinda. Somebody left it with the 45 pounds on each side. So I though perfect I should be able to do those 90 pounds, right? It was mightily heavy and by the end of it I realized that the bar alone weights 45 pounds. Dang. But I survived, though I need gloves the next time.”

I know, I should not go on the scale every day, but the gym scale got me into a happy dance this morning amounting to a total weight loss of 37 pounds. I think that vegan day worked miracles and confused the heck out of my body. I am looking forward to the next Self Experimentation day. I hope its IF (Intermittent Fasting).

Today my Jawbone had some funny numbers. I finally got enough sleep and I added some much needed yard-work to the mix this evening after work to reach my 10,000 steps.

Food was good and almost vegan. I really love the Akki Rottis for breakfast and will make them for sure again soon. My lunch salad was incredibly flavorful with all the herbs and different veggies in the mix.

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