After 7 years and almost daily use I officially wore out my small Vitamix container and WANT a new one. The stuff for my protein ice cream seems to get stuck now quite often. And they now have a 48oz container so I can add more ice cubes to add more volume but no calories.

I am done with the vegetarian meals for a while. I am starting to crave chocolate at 9am. Time to switch it up again. I am looking forward to Paleo day, aka my usual fare again.

Oh and I will get duck eggs from my usual egg source (co-worker). Now I just have to figure out how to prepare them.

My workout was biking to and from work (10 miles) and I would have liked to finish my yard work, but it started raining right after I got home. Lucky me! Before I left this morning I applied my new homemade weedkiller (vinegar, salt and dishsoap) and when I got home those weeds looked like they are on their way out. Yes! I love natual products that work and dont harm anything except the weeds. Now I have to get the ant killer mixed up too (baking soda and confectioners sugar) to get rid of those buggers as one of my tenants is out of town with her little dog.

My lazy tenant moved out and I actually feel sooooo relieved. Who thought that they were stressing me out that much. I feel very happy and are ready to tackle some house projects again.
I really want to put that house up for sale without having to fix the basement. The realtor is a little hesitant, because she is the “selling agent” and the lender for the buyer, Seems to me like a conflict of interest. In addition she will cash in twice at my expense. But on the other hand she can make a sale happen where otherwise the buyer financing can be tricky. Hmmm.

I did get my protein pnb chocolate bar this morning, but it was basically a trade-in with a real meal (afternoon).

20130730-205820.jpg 20130730-205830.jpg 20130730-205838.jpg 20130730-205847.jpg

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