Ok, Warrior Dash is right around the corner, this Saturday to be exact. We trained for the last 8 weeks and I am as ready as I can be. Look at our team shirts. Just glad we dont have to wear a cape. I could just envisioning we would get stuck at some of those obstacles.


Oh I tried bubble tea for the first time today and I just got hooked. Holy moly is that stuff yummy. Now I just have to find a healthy alternative. It may even get me more into a tea habit. Here is to a new experiment.

bubble tea

This morning was my trainer workout and I asked him to show me on how to do dead lifts the right way. So he incorporated them into today’s workout. But certainly not at 135 pounds like I accidentally tried on Monday. And funny while talking to my trainer he was telling me that most of the folks on the 5th floor (“the guys room”) are pretty much on the same schedule, and Tuesdays is dead lift day. And today for the first time I actually saw some gals lifting.

20130731-204829.jpg 20130731-204820.jpg 20130731-204837.jpg 20130731-204845.jpg

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