When we started the race I just wanted it to be over, because I hate running. But as time went on it became so much fun and we were doing it as a team. Lots of obstacles were very muddy making them a little more challenging and slippery. But honestly the mud got more and more fun. Like being a kid again w/o being yelled at for being dirty from head to toe. From trenches where I almost lost my shoes because it was very heavy deep mud, to the Deadweight Drifter where I took a deep dive. It was so much fun that we will do it again next year. By then I will have reached goal weight and will be just cruising!

Ok, after the Dash we crashed my old bosses retirement party as dirty as we were and there was a wedding going on in the park and the photographer had us pose with the bride and groom. They looked like the most boring couple you could imagine. Hilerious!

Food-wise I did ok. I only had breakfast and a protein shake for dinner yesterday and today was back to normal with 3 meals.

That bubble tea caused me to wander off track a little with my liquids. I made it at home with black tea, coconut milk and those tapioca perls. Calories I just cant affort to drink away. I just dumped the tapioca in the garbage. No more. There was no nutrition in that anyways.

This is what I looked like last night before and after the cleanup. The best part it this red shirt is a women’s XL and it fits me!!!!!!!

20130803-182303.jpg 20130804-215549.jpg

I am experimenting with a duck and a chicken egg and made pretty yummy scrambled eggs.


Today’s meals:

20130804-215610.jpg 20130804-215617.jpg 20130804-215624.jpg

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