Ok, the same friend who convinced me to do the Warrior Dash just texted me to do a 5k in September. Fortunately we are walking it. So fortunately no additional training required. While I liked our boot camp Saturdays I am dying to do this Body Attack (a HIIT cardio) class at 9am on Saturday morning.

A home vacation isn’t bad. Got a gazillion of things done and a gazillion more to do. The house is kinda in disarray as I am reorganizing and cleaning, making a big donation pile and some stuff to be sold on Craigslist. Ahhh, it always feels so good to letting go of things. While my apartment did not have a lot of excess stuff, the basement sure needed some TLC. I collected wood, drywall, painting and plumbing stuff over the last 10 years. I have stopped doing things myself and now instead hire contractors. But main reason is that I am getting ready to sell the house.

I had planned enough activity today that I was able to skip my workout this morning, but tomorrow I will need to catch up on my weights and go for a swim to do my intervals.

I got my new Vitamix container (right) and its so awesome! This is 48oz and is a lot wider, thus way better to clean.


I was hungry all day and had probably more food then I needed. I will need to focus a little more on the less part.

20130805-193838.jpg 20130805-193846.jpg 20130805-193854.jpg 20130805-193910.jpg 20130805-193903.jpg

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