Another super busy vacation day. Basement is cleaned up and de-cluttered, yard looks nice again, donations are dropped off, shopping done, the ads for Craigslist are posted. Now its 8pm and I am exhausted. Did not go for a workout this morning, but had plenty of exercise today. The eating was a little flaky, I think I put my metabolism into overdrive with all of this moving around. Since I did not pre-plan the week I had some not so perfect meals and I really did not pay attention to the 80%. So there go 2 check-marks out the door. My average sleep for the last two days was only a little more than 6 hours. Ok this needs fixing. This is vacation and I need to learn how to chill!

20130806-200750.jpg 20130806-200821.jpg 20130806-200832.jpg

20130806-200844.jpg 20130806-200949.jpg 20130806-200923.jpg

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