The day would have almost being a great Paleo day until 4pm came around and I had a single serve ice cream cone. Just uploading my pics I realized I had mozzarella cheese which also did not qualify. Ok I will try again for tomorrow.

I have to get mentally prepared for fat-free day. Since I have done fat-free for a long time, I really hate it and know the struggles. Hmmm, maybe I could do a juice fast?

I bought some Ezekiel bread and  its still in the fridge, but it may have to take a dive into the garbage as I feel it could get out of control. Really I could live on bread for every meal. Since I have done this in the past I know how crummy I will feel just within a few days. I sold my bread maker yesterday. Sad to see it go but its in my best interest. I feel so much better without any grains. Not to mention all the energy I now have.

I did go for a swim this morning and really enjoyed the intervals.

20130808-184828.jpg 20130808-184909.jpg 20130808-184854.jpg

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