I did Workout #2 this morning in the “guys” area, its really the open floor weight area for everyone, but I almost never see gals there.

One of the gals at the gym is starting Paleo this weekend under the guidance of her trainer. She already told me what she cant eat. Guess what, now its a diet and when you cant eat a certain food you will for sure want to eat it. Even if you haven’t eaten it in years. Will be interesting to see if her mindset changes. Don’t get me wrong I love Paleo and that is the lifestyle closest to my optimum right now, but I dont want to put a label on it. Its a limit I dont need.

Today was my Ancestral Diet (Paleo) Day as part of the self-experimentation and I loved it. I was so in the mood for ice cream again and whipped up a banana in the food processor and sprinkled some nuts over. Heavenly! I love the duck eggs. I mix one duck egg and one chicken egg and made a nice scramble for breakfast. Oh so good.

Oh I forgot to mention. On our team board one of our mentors wrote:

As someone described 80% to me once – “I want to eat, so I can dance right after!”. I thought it was a great way to describe the feeling of satisfaction that we are going for. Just enough to no longer experience hunger, but able to dance, run, move around and use our bodies.Imagine if we were living in a jungle still… You’d need to be able to start running at moment’s notice AT ALL TIMES. 🙂

I totally love this and can apply it to myself.

20130809-184252.jpg 20130809-184302.jpg

20130809-184312.jpg 20130809-184354.jpg

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