It sure was a busy day but great day with healthy food choices. After church I tried a new waffle recipe from leanerliving, but it was nothing special. I think I prefer the ones from ProteinPow.  Did some rental stuff and finished the evening with a wonderful meal at a friends house. We may even start a Sunday Dinner with Friends kind a thing. It would be awesome, then I could teach others to eat healthy and still have fun. Or they wont even notice that they eat wholesome good for them foods.

Today’s meals:

20130811-211005.jpg 20130811-211012.jpg

20130811-211040.jpg 20130811-211050.jpg

M1:Tomato, avocado, egg scramble (1 duck and 1 chicken egg)
M2: Protein Waffle, Greek yogurt, sliced almond, and strawberries
M3: Egg-bacon-potato-feta cheese muffin, and cucumber
M4: Roasted chicken breast, zucchini pancake, stuffed pepper, and 3 oz white wine


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