The weather was incredible to ride my bike2work. The best part was I did an experiment tonight and greeted and smiled at every biker along the bike bath, and guess what? Response rate 100%!

This is some more food prep for tomorrow, making my favorite pasta – Zucchini Pasta. This little spiralizer rocks! One large zucchini makes one serving. I usually sautee the zucchini pasta with some butter, onion, garlic and spices for about 5 to 6 minutes to keep them crisp. I still had some tomato sauce frozen, but it will also work great with fresh tomatoes and edamame, or however you eat your favorite pasta dish.

20130813-213123.jpg 20130813-213112.jpg

20130813-213130.jpg 20130813-214738.jpg

Tonight foods:

20130813-213025.jpg 20130813-213037.jpg 20130813-213045.jpg 20130813-213101.jpg

M1: Cucumber, and 2 egg-bacon-potato-feta cheese muffins
M2: White fish, green beans, and potato
M3: Cottage cheese and strawberries
M4: Protein Power ice cream

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