Just thinking of Kasey who is taking care of her dying 9-year-old son. It makes the usual stuff so totally un-important. If you can, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

This morning was my trainer workout and by the end of it I was just exhaused and wondered why I had run out of steam today. My trainer chuckeled and sayed that it was just a hard workout from ball pushups, moving planks on the bosu, to some TRX core work. Just killer stuff to get in shape.

Tomorrow will be my IF (Intermittent Fasting) day and I am excited about it. I will do dinner-to-dinner, since I dont really like to go to bed hungry. My next meal is tomorrow evening. Breaking the fast has always been hard, but I am eager to learn how to do it right. I have fasted many times in the past, Usually between 12 to 18 day. After day 3, the hunger goes away and it just feels fantastic. But you have to do an enema every other day and breaking the fast was always difficult resulting in binging or just plain eating too much food. If I can make IF work, I would like to incorporate it  on a weekly base for detox and weight-loss reasons.

Today was farmers market and my favorite vendor is back. Yes! She moved temporarlily to Texas to be with her husband who is in the military. But he now got moved to Afganistan and she is back here with her parents. She has wonderful organic produce.


Today’s foods:

20130814-205922.jpg 20130814-205929.jpg 20130814-205936.jpg 20130814-205956.jpg 20130814-210014.jpg

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