Today was Intermittent Fasting, and guess what? I love it! I will do it again very soon. It allows me to really tune in and find out what my stumbling blocks are and to get in touch with real hunger and realize that it comes and goes. Around 4pm (with only 2 hours to go) I was thinking I am way too busy and stressed to fast. Ha, but then I thought how our ancestors probably had to run from danger and could not self medicate with food when they got stressed. So why should I?

I did not really exercise today. I went to the gym, but just to take a shower and to get ready for work. I ran out of time this morning and had to be at work before 9am. But I will resume my usual exercise during my future fasts.

Dinner was great, a tad too much but I can work on that when I start my weekly fasts.


Here this is from the JB Experiments with Intermittent Fasting ebook: “But even if you don’t lose extra fat by fasting, I promise you will lose something important: that ridiculous, unarticulated fear of not eating every few hours. And damn it, that’s liberating.”

Heck yes. I never saw it that way. And on my past fasting stints I just wanted to get through the first 3 days after that the body stops sending those hunger cues on a regular base. It actually feels awesome knowing to be in control.

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