I had to work this weekend and next weekend is the upgrade of our major production systems, which is usually a bigger deal. Fortunately we wont have to work through the night into Saturday. So almost zero rest for these two weeks. I did not have much time to cook so I decided to only make one meal (breakfast), utilize the freezer for my lunches, and have my shakes for dinner. Anyways, I dont really need that much food any longer. It is kinda weird to adjust the shopping and cooking to those smaller amounts.

In addition I worked on my vacant apartment and are starting showings and screening potential tenants soon. I dont want to hurry the process and I rather wait for a good tenant to come along than having to evict one.

My Jawbone wrist band to count my sleep and activity has now failed after 3 month. It wont hold the charge any longer. When I have a little time I will need to contact customer service to see if I can get a replacement. I dont need it so much for the activity, I know I can get my 8000 to 12000 steps in on a daily base. But the sleep is a lot trickier.

Focus for this week is really to only eat after I have been hungry for at least 30 minutes and I will probably go for another fasting day this Thursday. Exercise will be as usual. And I need to remember to drink some water throughout the day.

20130818-183024.jpg 20130818-183032.jpg 20130818-183041.jpg

I think pancakes and waffles are not giving me the nutrition that I am looking for. They do satisfy a sweet craving but dont seem to hold up the energy level and dont make me feel as satisfied with the meal. They may get bumped to an occasional meal only.

Whats not to love on eating ice cream for dinner every single night. I am working on lowering the calories of my power shake and those 10 ice cubes are for sure a nice addition to add volume without adding any calories. In the past I always needed something “real” for dinner, like a real meal. Now I love the shakes since it makes dinner fast and easy to clean up.

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