I fell into that brownie pan today. Lets recap. I made some brownies for a coworker from a different department who was helping me and I took another batch for my team. There were a bunch left (6) and I ate them all. What the heck? But I did enjoy them and the flavor was really good since I made them from scratch and they were a top rated brownie on allrecipes.com. My body took care of the showing me the consequences, I was so tired and got a heartburn from all the sugar. For dinner I skipped my usual shake and just had a salad to balance out the nutrient deficit. Lesson learned from this. I wont bake anything conventional any longer. I can always go out and buy it somewhere.

A while ago some of my LE team mates were posting fierce poses. So here is my attempt. Well looks like I need to work on that. I think I was too busy holding the 25 pound weight and snapping a picture.


Today’s workout:

Rear elevated split squat: 3 rounds of 6 with 5#
3-point dumbbell row from ½ plank: 10×20, 10×25, 10×25
Overhead dumbbell press: 12×15, 12×15, 12×17.5
Bent-over rear delt fly: 12×10, 12×12.5, 12×12.5
Front squat: skipped for Friday
Dumbbell scaption: 12×10, 12×12.5, 12×12.5

Today’s food:

20130819-195344.jpg 20130819-195356.jpg

20130819-195433.jpg 20130819-195408.jpg

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