That busy day came and went. While the stress came and went in little spurts I was able to get done with my work quite fast and even started already on a different project while QA testing was still going on. Things went well work-wise, though the eating was a little off. Two snickers ice-cream bars and some cake were on my list of not to favorable things I ate.  And I had forgotten about my little protein bars in the freezer which could have easily filed the spot of the ice cream and cake. I usually make my own coffee in the airopress  and only need one cup thru-out the morning. Since time was tight that early and I needed to get started with work I used the provided coffee. So I had at least 3 cups of coffee, which might have been the trigger for the sugar cravings. Oh well, stress eating requires a lot of practice to convert so I wont fret it. Clean Slate!

20130113-100432.jpg frother

My favorite coffee maker is called Aeropress and combined with the Aerolatte it makes an awesome cup of coffee for a fraction of the price at the coffee shop.

After we finished with work I decided to go to the company gym and have some fun. I went for little barefoot workout of kettlebells, practicing handstand and trying a cartwheel. Fun, fun, fun! Just when did I get this stiff. Doing a cartwheel I felt so clumsy and walking up the wall was a little weird too. But kinda cool too. That will require a lot of work to master those two.


I decided I want to do an IF day today. First experience doing it on a weekend day. I can keep as busy as I want or take as much rest as I need. Lets see how it goes.

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