Today’s workout was of sweat dripping awesomeness, called Focus T25 Speed 1.0. A combo of high-intensity moves and stretches. I am going to love this program! I do struggle a little to get my eating under control as my metabolism seems to kick into a new gear. Hungry, hungry, hungry! It may take me a week to get adjusted.

My trainer got sick and had to go to the hospital with an infection that required 2 surgeries. Uhh, I hope he will be ok.  He is this awesome dude that makes every workout fun. Tomorrow would have been my trainer workout in the morning and T25 at night, but now I will just do T25 in the morning.

I like my latest cooking schedule. I prep something for only 2 or 3 days in advance. I grilled up some steaks for Sunday and Monday, and made burgers and eggplant for today and tomorrow. I just did not have the time or energy for the Sunday ritual this past Sunday.

Today meals:

20130827-193222.jpg 20130827-193229.jpg 20130827-193238.jpg 20130827-193252.jpg 20130827-193259.jpg

I had a few items that are not recorded, since I ate mindlessly.


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