Those workouts getting better by the minute. I loved the T25 Total Body Circuit. I was sweating buckets again. Originally I was thinking to get some mats and put them under my rug in the living room to absorb the noise and the impact. Now I am thinking to get rid of the rug, since it will make it easier to cleanup the puddles of sweat. Or I may even try to go to the gym and do it there using my iPad.

Eating was a little better. I had a big breakfast which kept me full longer. Tomorrow is IF and a good way to break that food cycle. In general I was thinking I just cant eat the calories that I am burning with T25. That would be pointless. Even so I love the workouts, I want to shed some fat. So my new strategy is to look at this before taking a bite of something that wasn’t planned.

goals hs

Today was farmers market and I got a few items from my organic farmer. I try to scale back as I have the tendency to overbuy for the week. I still have tomatoes, avocados, kale, jicamas, and a cabbage left.


Today’s meals:

20130828-215052.jpg 20130828-215102.jpg 20130828-215110.jpg 20130828-215131.jpg

The bubble tea is currently still a once-a-week treat. But in a week or two I can let go of it and eliminate it, not worth the calories.

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