What a busy day. I was off work today so I could run a bunch of errands. I did not exercise formally today, but I did 4 hours of heavy-duty yard work which should qualify.

I fasted today and was amazed that going on a bigger grocery shopping trip did not even face me. Not extra treats or stuff that wasn’t on my list landed in my cart. I am amazed. It still took me almost 2 hours to get through this huge grocery store to replenish my pantry and get everything to make some cat food (the raw chicken kind). My kitties have been on it since they were 5 weeks old. Every time I hear of a pet-food recall I am glad I dont have to worry.


I also like the effect the IF has on TTOTM.

I find it fun to plan for my only meal of the day on a fasting day. Though the brat may not have been the best of choices. I made sauerkraut with a little bacon, bratwurst and potato hash. I ate it rather quickly. I will need to work on that. Maybe a glass of water would slow down that process a little.


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